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The centre of town is just a few minutes away from Hotel Fiera di Brescia, so you can visit the many artistic and cultural sights it offers. On this page we recommend the most important of the sights.

Loggia Square, a splendid example of a closed renaissance square, in which the homonymous building, the "Loggia", is the focal point, now Municipal palazzo; its construction was started in 1492. At its side is Monte di Pietà Square, built in the same period and in opposite is the Tower Clock, so endeared to Brescians, which strikes the hour.

Paolo VI Square (historically Duomo Square) where you will find:
  • built in the tenth century, the Old Duomo, a perfect example of Romanic architecture, contains artworks by Moretto and Romanino. Built in the 1600s, th;
  • New Duomo, has the third highest cupola in Italy;
  • the Broletto, ancient municipal palazzo, with the People's Tower and the Grida Loggia.
The Forum Square is the most revealing complex of the Roman era of all Lombardy. You can visit the ruins of the Forum, Capitolino Temple, the Amphitheatre and the Basilica. At a stone's throw there is Santa Giulia Monastery, founded by the Longobard King Desiderio, and seat even today of the rich City Museum which boasts the Winged Victory among others and the Desiderio Cross.

The Castle overlooks the city is true fortified citadel with imposing dimensions and rich with towers, bulwarks, buildings, gardens, draw bridges, underground passages built in various ages; it can be reached by several roads. The panorama from the Brescia hilltop is incomparable.

The churches Saint Francis, Saint Clare, Holy Mary of Miracles and Saint John all deserve visits, as well as the Pallata and the Tosio Martinengo Gallery, which contains one of the most relevant collections of paintings in Italy, with artworks from the XIII to the XVIII century.